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jja20, filehost was down for a some time, now should be ok

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They're not videos, but i also have a collection of the (very) old "Battling Babes" series. They were catfights in the form of pictures.

Here's an example:

If someone is interested, i can open a thread and post them too.

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With Pornhub banning user provided videos this may be our best source for catfights and sexfights, even when it comes with bying a premium membership from File al

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vlad2020 wrote:

Is it possible that you share videos from the following sites, please:


Thank you very much for creating this amazing site wink

Yes I second that, more Modelwrestling would be amazing

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I'd really like to see any videos from They're kind of a lost treasure at this point but anybody who happens to have them and are willing to share on this forum, that'd be awesome... … index2.htm

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Could I post my own video thread if I have a premium account?

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Hi CC, Welcome back!

Defeated, TribDolls... Oh boy, I sure hope Femfightersxcess will be one of the next updates!

On another note...
Is it still possible to send you videos?
And where?

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I don't know if you already thought about it, and if it's a viable option or it is too difficult, but... have you ever thought of releasing the videos with a schedule?

Like... Instead of uploading many videos of just one studio, then of another, and so on, why not releasing maybe one or two daily, or weekly, rotating between categories?

This way, i believe you would make everyone happy.

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Hey welcome back CC! It's great to see you.

Just want to echo Ahab's first post comment about sending vids -- I have quite a few I could share from CW, TD, EFL, and others.

I'm similarly very much interested in the more recent FFX content, if that becomes available.