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Topic: Request

Hi Cheshire the boss!

Thank you for all the great videos!

Don't know whether we will get all the Fighting-Dolls Videos and Trib-Dolls Videos in the future, but here are some of them I really want:

TD0537 | TILDE VS. KAROLA    https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/tilde-vs-karola-537/
TD0857 | LENORA VS. MEL   https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/lenora-vs-mel-857/
TD0870 | LENORA VS. MELISA   https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/lenora-vs-melisa-870/
TD0989 | BELLA VS. ZAMIRA   https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/bella-vs-zamira-989/
TD1014 | BELLA VS. KAYLA   https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/bella-vs-kayla-1014/
TD1021 | KEMALA VS. VERA   https://www.trib-dolls.com/movies/kemala-vs-vera-1021/
FD3126 | BELLA VS. LENORA   https://www.fighting-dolls.com/movies/bella-vs-lenora-3126/
FD4399 | BELLA VS. KAYLA   https://www.fighting-dolls.com/movies/bella-vs-kayla-4399/
FD4435 | BELLA VS. GANET   https://www.fighting-dolls.com/movies/bella-vs-ganet-4435/

It would be great if you can share them here! Thank you!